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Property Owners Insurance

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  • Landlords Properties
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  • Loss of Rent Insurance
  • Tenant Default Insurance
  • Self Managed Properties

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When you own a property there’s a lot to consider - including ensuring you have the right insurance policies in place. But what is the ‘right’ insurance for you?

Are you fully aware of the risks associated with property ownership, and the multiple options available to you? How can you be sure you’re covered if a tenant causes damage or doesn’t pay the rent?

It’s not always as simple as having ‘Tenant Default’ insurance in place.

Some insurers want to know more about your tenants, how long they’ve been in business and even their income.

Insurance policies can be a minefield to navigate. And the last thing you want is to assume you have the right policy in place, only to discover when something goes drastically wrong that your policy doesn’t cover the loss.

Jody Williams has been managing property owners insurance Warwick and commercial property insurance for more than two decades.

Starting her career in the claims department of a large insurance company gave Jody an insight into the disappointment customers experienced when the small print meant the claim wasn’t valid. There were many unhappy customers when they realised the policy was never suitable for what they needed.

Jody knew she didn’t want her clients to feel that way. Her clear and direct communication ensures you understand exactly what your property is covered for – and what it’s not! As every property, business and rental circumstance is different, Jody goes the extra mile to implement insurance coverage customised to your individual requirements.

So when you’re looking for the ‘right’ insurance for your property, consider Jody as part of your team. Her expert and professional approach will ensure you have the best insurance policy in place - saving you from property nightmares.

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