Making an insurance claim – what to do (and what not to do)

Are you making an insurance claim? Make sure you read this first – it could save you a massive headache!

If you’ve crashed into someone, accidentally damaged property or had something stolen, make sure you give us a buzz BEFORE you make any repairs, so your insurance claims process is a breeze.

Watch the video on what to do before making a claim below:

Here are four things to remember when making a claim:

  1. Don’t admit liability

It might feel like it’ll be a weight off your shoulders by admitting you’re at fault in the event of an accident, but hold back. The golden rule here is not to accept blame. Leave the finger-pointing to the professionals – the insurance company.

Insurers are experts at determining responsibility, and it’s their job to determine who’s at fault. So while it might be tempting to give your opinion, simply lay out the facts and let the insurer be the judge.

  1. Don’t repair anything yourself

Imagine scratching someone’s shiny new car or accidentally breaking a client’s window while carrying out some tradie work.

The last thing you want to do is try and DIY a repair yourself, or offer to fork out the money thinking the insurance company will reimburse you later.

Don’t do this as you might be left out of pocket.

Instead, let your insurer handle the negotiation dance when it comes to repair costs. It’ll help you to avoid any unreasonable expenses, plus it’ll save you time in having to think about the logistics of a repair job.

Making an insurance claim
Don’t go DIYing before figuring out your insurance claims process
  1. Consulting your insurer (or broker) should be your first point of call

Whether it’s your car or someone else’s business, never skip the important step of consulting your insurance company, or better yet your broker, before “approving” repairs.

While you can take temporary safety measures to prevent further damage, such as cordining off the area where there’s damage or cleaning up smashed glass, hold off on giving the green light for extensive repairs.

Call up your broker first and they’ll give you the lowdown on what action to take to make sure you don’t over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to the repair job.

  1. Hold on to the evidence

If you accidentally smash your laptop or drop your phone, you might not think twice about downloading the data and throwing the unusable item away.

But don’t let it disappear without a trace! Keep a hold of those broken bits and pieces, because you might need to use them as proof of the damage if your insurer asks for photos or further reports.

So in summary – when it comes to the insurance claims process, don’t admit liability, let the pros handle repair talks, collaborate with your broker FIRST, and keep those damaged goodies as evidence.

We’re here to help the process of making an insurance claim a little less scary and a lot more smooth sailing – so get in touch!



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